Updates! 5/06/2014

Helloooo people!
Actually I'm having some ups and downs in these period, for lack of inspiration and some health problems, but...I'm still here!
The Show Must go Oooooon!-nanananananaaaaa Show must go oooon yeiyeeee-ok enough.
(Do you like Queen?
I think it's my favourite band, I listen their songs since I was little.)

I have to show you some things and so..Yeah let's start.

This was one of my exercises for learning to draw horses.
That damn neck. Too short.
Anyway it's Temujin showing you how you can relax on your horse.


Temujin and Qasar hunting.
This has many imprecisions like: the legs of the horse, the lenght of the neck, his head must have been more big...
Yeah. I'm still trying to learn, as you can see.

And heeeeeere I want to show you a new character after...I don't know, looong, looong time I wasn't creating anything.
He's name is Jamuka and is an important presence in the life of Gengis Khan.
I'm not going to tell you more 'cause you'll see in the story.
I was inspired by snow leopards, so I tried to drawing him similar at the animal as possible.
These instead, are some sketches on Temuge(Yeah you don't see much of him, huh?) and his bigger brother Temujin.


Some test with african women, I really like them but I'm still not good at drawing the beauty of these girls. Sigh. ;_;

That's enough for today!
See you!

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