Updates! and 400 Likes on Facebook! 15/04/2014

I'm here!
Yeah, after really long time I came back on this blog...As usually with some crap.
Wanna see it?...
Let's Start!!! : D
Fiiiiiirst of all I have to show you THIS!!!
The page has reached 400 likes on Fb!
I made this little illustration to celebrate the special event! : D
(The idea was to draw the little sister of Temujin, Temulun!)
Thanks a lot people, I hope you'll like my drawings even in the fuuuuture! :' D

This one is the last work I made, it shows Genghis Khan relaxing in his yurta.
(Made with graphite and indian ink.)

This is a "game" I made with myself: I wanted to portrait Temujn and a Tiger with the same expression...I don't think it was a successful experiment but, uh...yeah...

This is a recent study for some mongolian women with different shapes.
Which one do you prefer? : D

Okkk, on the left some older sketches of Qasar and Temujin!
On the right, a fanart of the original character from La Regina delle Nevi by Ilenia Gennari!
His name is Lucjan! : D

This one is a study partially based on a photo I saw.
As you can see, it's incomplete yet and I have to make some adjustments!
Anyway if you didn't noticed it yet, it's Temujin!

aaaaaaaaaand That's all folks! : )
See you next time!

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