One of my first Commission

So... this time I'll talk about one of my first commissions: The request was Mulan cutting her hair, a famous and important scene.
I started with this idea:
Mulan and her sword in foreground, and in the backround two chinese golden dragons holding her father's armor.
This sketch wasn't taken in consideration 'cause the client wanted a simpler idea.
 And here it is.
The first and the second try: needles to say, the second was the choosen one!
The hilt of the sword was wrong so in the final stage you'll see the difference.
The picture is about an a3 size, I used a gray and a black pigment with finishing touches of graphite.
I'm sorry for the horrible photos I made, hope you'll like my work anyway!
If you want a drawing made by me just contact me through private message on my Facebook page and I'll tell ya all the prices!
See you!

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