She's a Crow.

Very fast sketch from Moonrise Kingdom, a movie I love.
Ok, I love all Wes Anderson's movies, but this in particular.
Hope to finish it, in the next days.

Whoof, the weather's so hot today!

Fast drawing for "Nobu Happy Spooky's Contest!"

This was made for a contest by Nobu Happy Spooky, it's the second contest I attend this year, woohoo!
Anyway, this is Victor, as you already know.
It came a little bit different and "adult" unlike the usual, but, huh.
I still need to practice with copic markers, but I love 'em!



Devotes to the animation class.

Drawing with the characters(Sophìe and the Shaman Cat),
 of the 2D short film created by the animation students of the second year.
Going to be colored soon.